Shop TIll you drop

A ropewalking adventure that doesn't take you to distant magical lands but rather takes you back home. Your trip to the grocery store goes wrong, as you've forgotten all your bags! Time to stack everything on your arms...the only logical option... 

With that many groceries on your hands, you've got to watch your step! Drop your groceries home safely or everyone at home is going to remember your failure forever. This might just become the adventure of your life!

ROLE: Game Designer

TEAM: 4 Members DURATION: 3 days

PLATFORM: PC TOOLS: Unreal Engine 4

CLIENT: Unreal Summer Jam 2019


  1. Design the ropewalk mechanic and fine tune the movement.

  2. Design the rope to allow the player to get used to controls initially and increase difficulty as they progress.

  3. Use SFX and background music to synthesize a humorous experience.