wish i could pee

A boy wants to go to the bathroom but he is afraid of the monster in his room. As the fairy godmother, you need to get rid of the monsters and make sure that the kid reaches the bathroom safely.

ROLE: Game Designer, 3D Artist

TEAM: 5 Members- 2 artists, 2 programmers, 1 sound designer



CLIENT: Building Virtual Worlds class at CMU's ETC

TOOLS: Unity, Maya, Photoshop


design goal: 

To make a game where the player helps a character in the world.


contribution to the project:

  1. Created all the models in the world.

  2. Led brainstorming sessions to figure and scope the story of the world.

  3. Established a clean and efficient pipeline between artists and programmers.


Design Challenges

the size and scale of space:


For most of the team members it was our first time using HTC Vive as a development platform. Our first major challenge was to figure out the size and scale of the kid’s bedroom in the Vive space.


We started prototyping the space and the player’s height in the space. Quick iteration and playtesting over the first two days gave us a good space where a lot of our players wanted to spend a lot of time.


STory didn’t make sense:


In our initial story idea the player was a parent that hid the monsters rather than getting rid of them.


Brainstorming different types of characters and not being afraid to venture into the crazy.